Today – I turned 33 years old. In that honor, here are 33 random things I have thought about throughout this year I am turning 33 years old.
  1.  You will never be younger than I am right now. Time to take advantage.
  2. Having kids was the greatest decision in my life. The perspective change is incredible.
  3. A good partner in life (in my case, my wife) can make all the difference in life.
  4. The secret to living a happy life is to be happy through life.
  5. You make your own success. No one makes it for you.
  6. Water and nurture your own grass. Do not worry about the green grass that other people are posting on facebook. Good chance it is fertilized with bullsh*t. Your grass is the only grass you need to worry about.
  7. To grow the greenest grass, you will have to work at pulling out all the weeds. Pull out the weeds on a regular basis.
  8. In today’s world, there is no reason to be bored. The world is your sandbox. Learn a new language, learn a new skill, master a talent, take up a hobby, TRY something.
  9. Turn off the TV. I can nearly guarantee what you are watching is not moving your life forward. Yes – games of Throne include. No – netflix documentary don’t count as educational.
  10. Stop saying you can’t even, you have no f*cks to give, IDEC, #IHateMondays, #TGIF, and whatever other language you use to convince yourself that you are entitled and overworked and can’t handle your sh*t. It’s your sh*t, handle it. Can even, give a f*ck, start caring, love mondays, hustling through Fridays. See how your life changes.
  11. YOU. ARE. NOT. A. VICTIM. You are the hero of your own story. Get out of the victim mentality that the world is happening to you, when it is happening for you. you have all the power in the world to do anything you want – literally anything! That isn’t being a victim, that is powerful! Start living the life you want and become the hero of your own story.
  12. The best things in your life are on the other side of your fears. Your fears are False Evidence Appearing Real. They are made up inside your head from not knowing the result. Push through that feeling, embrace the fear and watch your life grow.
  13. Hustle. Go Hard. Put in the work. Whatever you need to tell yourself, tell yourself and get the job done. You won’t make 100k/yr putting in 30k worth of work. You won’t lose 30 lbs putting in overweight and tired work. You won’t have an incredible relationship by putting in sh*tty relationship work. Put in the work and the results will come.
  14. Love is love. Pure and simple. And the world needs more of it.
  15. When you are born, you know to cry when you are hungry. Everything else in life is learned. Careful what you say, what you show and how you act around future generations.
  16. Be the change in the world you want to see.
  17. Disconnect.
  18. Connect. With people. Often.
  19. Play.
  20. Read books. As much as you can. Doesn’t matter what it is about, but find an interesting subject.
  21. Trade ego for empathy. Ego is the ME bug. It’s the I in anything you do. It’s self centered focus on what makes the Me and the I feel good. Empathy is for others. It’s the YOU in anything. It’s being people focuses and doing what makes the YOU and OTHERS feel good. Trade ego for empathy.
  22. Do what you want. Get what you want. Be who you want. And don’t care what other people think.
  23. You are what you do – not what you say – or post online.
  24. Go do.
  25. People buy confidence. People fall in love with confidence. People want to be friends with confidence. People give to confidence. Be confident in who you are – what you are – and what you believe in.
  26. Just being in the game isn’t enough. You have to take a swing if you want to win the game. Take that swing. And swing for the fences.
  27. Ignore the boos in life. They usually come from the cheap seats from people too afraid to even try to play much less take a swing.
  28. No president (or anyone else for that matter) will ever save you are change the predicament you are in. You need to change it.
  29. You reap what you sow. Nothing else. You won’t grow grass sowing apple seeds. Mediocre life is from mediocre efforts.
  30. What you think about shows up in your life. Watch your thoughts carefully.
  31. A walk in the sunshine can cure more than you probably realize.
  32. Being uncomfortable scared and nervous isn’t always a bad thing. Put yourself out there.
  33. Right here – right now – you are exactly where you need to be. Everything that has happened in the past good or bad has brought you here – now – and you are right where to  need to be.