Life-is-lived-through-perspective-what-one-believes-are-ups-and-down-the-ther-see-as-growthIt’s all in your head.

Your life is all in your head. How YOU perceive your life is how your world is. If you see the world in a negative mind set, your world is going to be negative. Whether you consciously see it or not – your life is negative.

The opposite of that is true; if you see your life as positive, your life will be positive.

Two people could have the same exact circumstances in life, and those 2 people will have completed different experiences because of their reaction to the world.

If you travel to countries that don’t have as much as you do, do you see nothing but sad, depressed people that are less fortunate than others? Sometimes you do – but sometimes you see kids playing and laughing in the streets. You see adults smiling and joking as they go through their day like nothing else. Why? Their perception of their situation. Do they have it bad? Ya maybe – compared to you. But to them, life is good.

How is it that someone who has everything “good” in the world can be mad and grumpy? And then some who have it all are happy and content? And some who have nothing think the world is a bad place, yet another person in a similar situation thinks that life is a great place to be.

When my wife and I had a miscarriage in the summer of 2013, my perception was devastating. Why us? That played over and over again in my head. I was pissed off at the world for conspiring against me and not executing my plan. My mind was in a very dark and negative place and things that happened in my life following that mindset – although some were great things – I viewed as just another way the world is trying to drag my wife and I down.

My reaction – my perception of the situation was negative and that is how my life followed. It wasn’t until I was able to get over myself – change my reaction to the situation – which change my perception of the situation that I was able to get my head out of the dark clouds of negativity and get back into my normal positivity mind set. Once I did that – I felt my life fell back into place. Nothing physically changed in my life. My perception of what is going on changed.

Change Your Perception – Change Your Life

Most of what I talk about on this blog is one of those “easier said than done” cases. If it was easy to change  and instill long term success, everyone would do it. But it is not. We as humans hate change. If we could, we would live in the same bubble for the rest of our lives not having to face people, not making decisions, not causing controversy. Living happy and comfortable. But we wouldn’t grow. We wouldn’t develop. Nothing changes if you don’t.

That said – you can change. It takes work. It doesn’t happen overnight. But if you want to create a life of only good, you have to change your perception to only see the good. Here are some ways that you can do that:

5 Ways To Stay Positive Through Life

    1. Remove the negative people from your life – There is no bigger positivity killer than negative people around you. People that you ask “How are you today” and they respond with a big sigh, “oh – I am just OK” or a “I am tired”. We all are tired!  Take those people out of your life and in their place, put people that have energy, a passion for life, and ownership of their life. They will rub off on you.
    2. Stop saying “CAN’T’, “DON’T”,”WON’T” and other negative words – Negative words effect your mindset. You are what you think, so if you are constantly bombarded with negative words in your mind, it will be harder and harder to change. Instead of using one of these negative words, simply switch to the positive opposite. Instead of saying “I don’t have time” say “I have other things I need to do”. Instead of saying “I can’t play basketball” say “I am better at soccer”. Consciously make these changes in your life to see a difference – there will be one.

  1. Keep Your Life Into Perspective – No doubt that people have hard days, weeks, months, years, 10 years, tough lifes even. But did you die? Keep it in perspective. Go outside, take a deep breath, feel the sunshine on your face, stretch and shake off whatever is going on. After that – get your ass back to making the best life possible. The more you focus on what is hard in your life, the harder it gets. No matter what you are going through – there is probably someone going through worse. So ask yourself “But did you die?”
  2. Overcoming Hardships Raises Your Status Quo – When you go through something hard, that hardship because your standard. Anything NOT as hard as that will seem like a piece of cake. And anything harder just raises your status quo of what you can go through even higher. So embrace the struggles that you go through. Embrace the pain. Embrace the hard days, knowing that you are becoming better and strong because of what you are going through.

  3. Don’t Worry – Be Happy
    – The best way to be happy and positive is to be happy and positive. Sadly – there is no magic bullet, secret pill or super potion that will instantly turn you. You need to make a consious effort to be happy and content in your own life, and create your own positive environment. If you are stuggling to do this, be overly positive. This annoys people, which is odd to me, but it works. Be overly happy, overly positive, and your mind will start taking you in that direction and developing that habit.

You have to keep in mind the perception on your view your life. It isn’t the event that is the issue, it is your reaction to the event. Events are going to happen regardless of if you are in a positive or negative mindset. The choice is yours to see it as a good thing or a bad thing – and ONLY YOUR CHOICE.

Make the best choice and be happy and positive.

To Your Success –