I love to read. It is one of those ways to get a workout of your mind. After all, your muscles aren’t the only thing that needs a workout to grow! I read mostly off of recommendations. Sometimes they are a hit, sometimes they are a dud. And in the case of The 50th Law by Robert Greene and 50 Cent, they take me by total surprise as one of my all time favorite reads. I never expected what came out of this book to touch me like it did. Here is my review.

“What do I have in common with 50 cent?”

IThe 50th Law Review have to admit I was pretty skeptical about this book. My first thought was what they hell do I have in common with 50 cent? I saw someone recommend it on facebook, and read some reviews on Amazon about The 50th Law, all coming with high praise. I was very hesitant to buy the book, because what do I have in common with a former street hustler drug dealer turned millionaire rapper? Most of the reviews online referred to “must read – not what you think!”. I decided to take a plunge and purchase the audio version to listen to in the car, and boy am I ever glad I did.

The main theme in the book is about living fearlessly (one of the main drivers behind changing this site). We all are afraid of something – but if we want true power, we need to learn how to conquer fear. It was a very structured book. There are 10 laws of living fearlessly. There was a little bit about the law, a story from 50’s life (not sure if I should call him 50, fifty, or curtis, but we’ll go with 50), then some historical content around the law, all wrapping into a little more about the law and how to apply it. This was the same each and every chapter. I like that aspect. Many books I read lack a structure, and a way to apply the book. I decided to purchase the Audible version of it, which was 50 cent himself starting, Robert Greene talking about the historical content. This really brought the book to life as hearing the stories of 50’s life direct from him. Highly recommend the Audible version if you have a commute, frequent traveler or just enjoy audio books – they aren’t for everyone.

The 50th Law Book Review

When 50 talks about the law, he relates it back to his own life and I have a feeling that most people reading this review are going to be similar to me, and not a corner drug dealer turned millionaire rapper. This book you need to read outside the lines. The historical context of the laws help, but really think how you can use the laws in your own every day life to get the most out of the book. Here are the laws and a few of the notes I took as I listed to the book so you can see what I mean.

Law 1: See Things For What They Are – Intense Realism. 

As Rocky said “The world is a mean and nasty place that will beat you to your knees”. Take it for face value. Yes – it is a harsh place. People will bring you down into their drama. You need to hustle day and night to carve a place out in a very competitive world. Hell, even your days here are numbered. Avoid the battle of wishing it was different. Accept everything – embrace everything. See what is going on around you and develop an appreciation on how you can move forward. No one will disagree life is tough – but know that is just the world we live in. Grab firm the reality that is life.

Law 2: Make Everything Your Own – Self Reliance.

This was one of my favorites. Even though I absolutely LOVE my current 9-5 gig (Literally – 2 years into it, I still wake up excited to go drive my 90 min each ways to do my job. crazy I know), I still get up and am ran by another’s agenda for me. That is the grind that s 9-5. At any time, they can no longer need my services. I am at their mercy (again – I am one of those people who LOVE their jobs so that is OK by me at my point in life). Want real freedom? Do it yourself and don’t rely on anyone else. But more than the freedom, when you are presented with a “sink or swim, shit or get off the pot, yours to lose” mentality, you don’t have a choice to lose. You will find a way to be successful.

Law 3: Turn Shit into Sugar – Opportunism.

This one, out of all the lessons in the book, resonated the most with me as it is something I believe down to my core. It isn’t what happens in life that defines, it is how you react to it. Every single negative situation contains the possibility for something positive, an opportunity. It is all in how you look at it. You may not be able to control the circumstances that you are in. You can, however, make the best of them and control how you react. It is the ultimate alchemy to transform all negatives into opportunities.

Law 4: Keep Moving – Calculated Momentum.

In the present, there is constant change and so much we cannot control. If you try to micromanage it all, you lose even greater control in the long run. The answer is to let go and move with the chaos that presents itself to you — from within it, you will find endless opportunities that elude most people. Don’t give others the chance to pin you down; keep moving and changing your appearances to fit the environment. If you encounter walls or boundaries, slip around them. Do not let anything disrupt your flow.

Law 5: Know When To Be Bad – Aggression.

“Don’t grow a wishbone where a backbone should be”. We live in a passive world. More people would rather go post their disgust on facebook or show their dissatisfaction by de-friending you than telling you something to your face. And because of that, who you do take a stand and say something, you are a bully. But don’t be afraid to stand up. Get over the fear of confronting people and assert yourself in situations. Remember that everyone operations with a flexible morality when it comes to their self interest – you are simply making this more conscious and effective.

Law 6: Lead From The Front – Authority.

A boss leads from behind and cracks the whip. A leader leads from the front. It is a tickle down effect. If you want to lead, go lead. Go work harder than your team. Telling people to work harder while you sit in your office and bullshit the day won’t work. Strap up and hustle if you want that. Hold yourself to the highest standards and make those tough decisions. Practice what you preach and your team will follow. This is the greatest way to lead.

Law 7: Know Your Environment From The Inside Out – Connection.

This is more into relation of business in the book on how instead of thinking of an idea, then an audience, start with your audience. Let them guide your idea. But this can also be thought of in terms of goal setting. Where do you want to be? Start with the bigger picture and then go. And don’t be afraid to let the “audience” give you criticism. This is how we improve. You should always WANT criticism.

Law 8: Respect The Process – Mastery.

We live in a world of instant satisfaction. People want the money, success, attention, everything as fast and as easy as possible. They grind and get bored and lose it. If you want to really make it, respect the process. KNow there is a grind. Know there will drudgery, but the outcome will better than quick fixes.

Law 9: Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits – Self Belief.

You are your biggest obstacle. How you think of yourself is why you are where you are at right now. But guess – you control it. Aim high, push yourself and achieve greatness. You have to believe with every ounce of your being that you deserve and are destined for something great. You’re self worth comes from you alone – never the opinions of others. Other’s opinion my be a factor in how you develop your self worth, but only you decide what to listen to and how. The more your self worth increases as you push your limits, the more you will gain confidence and increase your self worth. It is a cycle that you want to be part of.

Law 10: Confront Your Mortality – The Sublime.

My father always told me growing up that life is the same for everyone, no one gets out alive. People walk around clinging to the illusion that they have all the time in the world. Do it tomorrow, life for tomorrow, put it off tomorow. All we have is NOW. We can try to ignore this fact and just wander through life until it happens (it is going to happen), or we can embrace it, and know our time is limited here. I am sure you have heard stories of terminally ill people living life like it is suppose to be lived because they are dying. We all are dying. We all need to live life like we have a terminal illness – will ever passion and every ounce of energy that we have.

Overall, this book is high recommended for you to read if you are looking for ways to conquer your fears. This book is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, looking fear in the face, and letting go so you can live life like it is suppose to be live: FREE. Amazing book, audio version was amazing as well.

Book Rating: 10/10 – must read!

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