I am a very easy going guy. There isn’t a whole lot that bugs me. I have learned that life is too short to let the little things bug you. However, there is a certain set of people in the world that I just can’t stand. They start speaking and I cringe and want to walk away. They are the chronic complainers. The people who would complain about the bean dip at a playboy mansion orgy. Nothing in their life is going right, or so it appears by talking to them. They work too much. They are having relationship problems. They have money problems. They always have something bad in their life, even though they really have no room to complain.

how to stop complainingFirst thing I want to bring up to you Chronic Complainers is that you are in the situations you are in because of the decisions that YOU make. Where you are at in life is no one’s fault but yours. Don’t like your work? Your fault. Don’t like your relationship? Your fault. Don’t like your money situation? Your fault. And complaining to other people doesn’t help the situation at all. If you don’t like any aspect of your life, instead of whining and complaining to other people, hike up your britches and change it.

Second thing: Do me a favor all you chronic complainers and take in a deep breathe. Now get up and walk around the room. Move your arms up and down. Jump. Smile. You are alive, healthy and well. There are many people in the world who can’t do any of what you just did. Case in point: I saw someone post a blog of a friend on facebook today. The blog is about a little boy who is fighting something that he really shouldn’t be fighting at his age: Cancer. No 1 year old should be going through what he is going through. No parents should ever have to watch their son go through it. And you are complaining about your life? Give me a break. Get over yourself and realize that you have the world at your finger tips. Things could be much worse for you. You are the lucky one. Grab life and run.

The take away point from this is to start thinking of the glass half full. If you can start seeing the good in your life, you will be amazed on how much your life will improve. Your life isn’t really that bad. It could be much worse.

Until next time: