I am very passionate about living a successful life, whatever that means to you. Success is different to different people, but everyone agrees that success is a place you want to get to. A success life is a life you a proud of. A life you are content with. A life where when you are here on your last day, you can look back, smile and think “oh ya – that was awesome”.

That type of life is possible for everyone. Every single person in the world has the ability to live a successful life on their own terms.

And it annoys me to the core when people don’t understand this.

But here is the problem: The people that don’t understand it are so busy focusing on what others are doing, and trying to bring others down to make themselves feel better about their own pathetic life that they stop, or don’t even start, worrying about how to take their life to the next level. They figure that if everyone else was as sad and pathetic as themselves, they don’t have to work as hard trying to live a successful life. Their success is based on the demise of others, lowering their standards so they feel good about themselves.

We all know people like this. People that are focused on everything else but what they need to do to get forward. People who wander through life acting like they are going to be the next big thing, yet year after year, they are in the same, if not worse, situations.


keep-calm-and-focus-on-yourself-3You have to focus on yourself first. You have to look inside yourself and decide for YOU that you are going to achieve success. That is step one. Before you make any sort of plan, before you start on you way, you have to be able to take a step back and say “to me – this is success” and MEAN IT!! I know plenty of people that act like what they are doing right now is their success. Their life in this moment is success, but that isn’t true. If you hit success right now at this point, you should reassess and GET MORE success!! People that say they feel they have success right now really don’t want to work harder than they have to so they settle with the mediocre that they currently in their life and refuse to push themselves farther.

Push yourself farther.

Get uncomfortable. Set goals that people think you are crazy setting. Work 1% hard each day than you did the prior. And if you think you hit your goal of a successful life, you clearly didn’t set your sights high enough.


You can’t do any of this unless you focus on yourself. You turn to everyone else in the world, flip the middle finger and say “F*ck Off”. That is the mentality that you have to adopt if you want to achieve full success. YOu have to put your blinders on to everything else in the world except what you are working toward. Stop the cattiness. Stop the laziness. Stop the insanity of trying to please anyone other than yourself.

I believe with everything in my core that if people start on the path to their own personal success and leave everything else behind, people would find a peace that cannot be found anywhere else and the world will be a better place because the things that people are doing has PASSION behind every single thing that they do. How can that NOT make people happier?

Take The Action:

Step 1 in all of this is to figure out what success is to you. Not your mom. Not your boss. Not your personal trainer. Not your spouse. YOU. What is success to you? Where do you need to be and what do you need to be doing in order for you to look at your life and say “Ah – ya that was awesome”. GO DO THAT!