babyI read an interesting quote in a book. It said when you are born, you only know one thing: How to cry. Everything else is learned. Now, I am not an expert on what babies know, or don’t know out of the womb, but I like this statement. A baby learns that if he/she cries, they get what they want, whether that is a toy, food, or a diaper change. And as we grow and refine ourselves as humans, we learn to talk and interact rather than crying (thank god).

But let’s dig a little deeper into this. Outside of crying, everything else is learned and is a product of the environment, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. There are tribes in remote areas of Africa and other areas where obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer are nearly non existence. Of course, so are cars, smog and televisions. But if we never learned about a McDonald’s, or a Burger King, would our society be different?

Here is another thing to ponder: When you were born, you didn’t know what ADD was, or thyroid problems, or panic disorders, or multiple personality disorders, or stress, or depression, or anything else. So where did those come from? If we never knew about about overactive thyroids, would millions of women be claiming that is their reason for gaining weight, or would they actually admit they just don’t eat right and don’t exercise. And depression: If you grew up never knowing what it was like to be depressed, would you be given pills to make you happy? Probably not.

Now, I am no expert in ADD, or thyroid problems, or MPD, or stress, or depression or anything else. I am a simple, common sense guy. So I am not saying that we can do some “poof be gone” magic and cure the world. What I am saying is people need to get real with why they do what they do. There are people in the world who make excuses on why they don’t get results, or why they are not happy with their life. There are those few that really have issues, but the majority just has excuses. If we lived in another place that didn’t have Oprah, would a women’s thyroid really be an issue for weight loss? I highly doubt it.

Think about the excuses that you use. Why are you not getting the results you want or need? What is stopping you? Are the reasons you listing real reasons, or reason that you learned from your environment and are just placeholders for excuses? If you can answer these questions, you will get results, I can almost guarantee it. If you list real reasons,  you know now what to work on to get results. If you list excuses, you know what you are hiding behind.

Go out and get results. You deserve them.

To your health,