The world is moving at an incredibly fast rate. People are trying to get more things accomplished in a smaller amount of time. There are books, seminars, and websites that lay out productivity plans to get people to get things done. People partake in elaborate plans before taking actions. Pre-meetings to plan for a meeting, then post-meetings to wrap up the meeting. 10,000 inboxes. Someday lists. But are people really getting more done or just setting up ways to get things done without actually getting things done?

I have read David Allen’s Getting Things Done book, as well as read a few “productivity” blogs on out to set yourself up to get things accomplish. am always amazed at the complex systems they create. Some of the ideas are actually not to bad. But all of them seem to miss the one step in getting things done: TAKING ACTION. I have found a getting things done technique that actually get things done. I call it the NIKE method: JUST DO IT.

Yes, it is really that simple to get things done. Just get them done. Don’t read a book on how to get things done because things don’t get done. Don’t make excuses. Don’t meet before AND after a meeting. Don’t set up an elaborate system to get things processed because things don’t get done. Just get the thing you want done completed. Don’t delegate it to someone else (unless it truly is their job). Don’t put it in the “someday” list. Don’t throw it in a “project” folder. Don’t create “next steps”. Just get it done already. There is no better time than right now than to get that project finished. Put your head down and do work.

The same goes for diet and exercise. You can read how to do cardio, weights, run, walk, whatever it is till you are blue in the face. But just reading will not get you healthy. You can read about South Beach, Atkins, and whatever other B.S. people feed you, but not taking action will not product results.

Stop planning and start doing! Today is the best day to do it.