As much as I would love this blog to be my full time job, my family has to eat. So while I pour my heart and soul into this passion at night, I get to live my passion during the day as well. I work for a healthcare IT company on the population health team showing off a leading wellness platform. I get to have daily discussions on health and wellness and how to engage a population to get them healthy, more productive and living life like it should be lived, while showing the value to business owners for investing in an online wellness platform. It’s just what I do. : )

One of the daily things that we talk about is the strategy. The strategy of wellness. The strategy of the platform. The strategy of an incentive program. The strategy to develop return on owners investments in wellness. But there is one strategy we never discuss: HOPE.

Hope Is Not A Strategy


In the world of corporate & employee wellness, hope is the worst strategy to take. Hoping that your employees take hold of the program, hope they change their ways, hope you get your ROI, hoping it works – is a great strategy for NOT having it work. Instead, corporations need to develop a plan of action to take for the wellness program.

So I pose a question to you: Are you using HOPE as a strategy? Before you answer (you probably already blurted out NO), I want you to think about this a bit. How many times a day do you say the word HOPE?

I hope I get that raise.

I hope I get this job.

I hope the team wins the game.

I hope this diet works.

I hope I lose the weight.

I hope this.

I hope that.

Hope is not a strategy. It is a wish. It is a prayer. It is a dream. It is something that you are wanting, but not wanting to put the time and effort in. SOOO many people I see go through life using hope as a stratgy. They HOPE that one day they they will wake up skinny and healthy. They hope the will win the lottery. They hope that they can be a world travel. They hope that they will be financially secure. They hope instead of work.


To have a successful employee wellness platform, you can’t sell HOPE. You have to create strategies. You have to develop a strategy to get the results they want. Have a plan, follow the plan, and at the end of the plan, look at the analytics and see what is working and what isn’t, to redo the strategy for year two to get even better results.

Why should your life be any different? Do you really think spending your life hoping for something – anything – is really going to get you where you want to go? Do you really think that positive thinking will manifest whatever you want in your life? Let me well that has worked out for you if you do.

If you want to start making drastic changes in your life, you need to develop a true strategy. You need to think about what you want, devise a plan, work that plan, look at the results and see how you did, then adjust the plan until you get the result that you want.

Take away point: Stop hoping and start doing. It really is that easy.

To Your Health,


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