Haters are going to hate. There is no doubt of that fact. No matter what you do in life, someone will take it upon themselves to try to do everything in their power to hate on you, and make your decision seem like it is the bad one. And it doesn’t matter what you are doing – moving jobs, having kids, moving to a new area, starting a new venture, working out, losing weight, whatever it is – there are people that think it is important to hate on you.

Yes – it is true.

No – it doesn’t make any sense me either.

If haters concentrated on their own life as much as meddling in the lives of other people, they actually would see some success. I have never met a hater that was doing better than the people they are hating on. Funny how that works huh? But this post isn’t for the haters to change, it is for you to change the haters – by ignoring them.

Don’t give them the opportunity. Every single time a hater tries to bring you down, whether you listen or not, it weighs on you. That negative attitude telling you what you can’t do or what you shouldn’t do or just getting in the way of having you do what you want. And every second you listen to, read a post of, or otherwise engage with someone who is negative, is a second you are taking away from reaching your goals.

lose the fatLose The Fat

Cut those people from your life. Remove them from facebook, say “no” when they invite you somewhere, physical remove yourself from the room when they enter. Yes – it may be bold and brash, but you have to honestly ask yourself how important is your success. Is your success – getting everything you want in life – more important to you that following someone on facebook? Do you really need to know what that person is doing, where they are going, what they are drinking and other small things in their life? That distracts you from what you need to do.

So lose the fat.

Cut the ties.

Drop the weight.

Do whatever you need to do to get those people away from you so you can focus on you.

And getting results.