You just get off of work. You are hungry. You know you should take the time to cut yourself some fresh greens, and some veggies and make yourself a nice salad. But you’re tired because you just worked a long, hard day, so you reach into the freezer, grab a Lean Cuisine and throw it in the microwave because it is quicker and easier.

We live in a world now where convenience sells – It is a microwave society. People are busy then every, running around, picking up kids, dropping off kids, going to Yoga, going to baseball practice, tweeting, facebooking, and whatever other things people do. People, in general, are looking for the fastest, easiest way to get things accomplished. And when you are tired, you really want to get a great tasting meal for the least amount of time possible.

Our microwave society is what is making us have the highest obesity rating in the world. Since we are always looking for convenience, we never do what is optimal for our health. And I don’t blame you. There are times I get home from a full day of work and school and just want to relax. And sometimes I do. But if you really want to make good choices, you need to work hard.

Sadly, living healthy isn’t easy. You need to have self discipline and dedication to know that no matter how tired you are, your health depends on you making that rice and chicken, or that salad rather than that Lean Cuisine. But you need to realize that every time you take the easy route, you are not taking it easy on your body. Your heath is important to your livelihood and is worth taking the time and effort to ensure that you get the healthy food that your body needs. Get out of the Microwave society and start living healthy.