I see it all to often. People who just accept where they are at in life. They get the family, the mortgage, the mid-level executive job, and they go through the motions everyday of just being there, doing it, and just getting by. The settle for where they are at. The realize that obtaining anything more than the status quo is too much work, so they work to maintain the status quo. I am here to tell you NEVER SETTLE.

Never Settle.

Never settle. Never get comfortable where you are at. And this isn’t just about the money.

Most people think it is about the money. It is about continuing to be money hungry, getting more and more money and never settling. But that isn’t the case at all.

Settling is a mindset and it can creep in regardless of what you are doing.

Yes – you can settle on money. But you can also settle on anything else. Settling is the process of consciously deciding you can’t or don’t want to continue to push yourself forward.

You can settle with your golf game. You can settle with your weight loss. You can settle for your marriage. You can settle for your friendships. You can settle for your money. You can settle for your car. You can settle for your house. Literally anything in the world you can settle on.

never settleAnd you should NEVER SETTLE.

Never – not on anything. You should always work and want to better yourself in every single area. If you don’t – you should stop doing that thing you are settling on, because settling messes with your happiness.

When you settle, your mind starts wondering “what if”.

What if I could have played better golf? What if I could have lost more weight? What if I had a better marriage? What if I had closer friends? What if I had made more money? What if I drove that dream car? What if I had that bigger house?

And that what if games effects your mindset. You lose that “I can do it – give me more – let’s go get it” passion and start living with a “eh – its ok” lifestyle which produces eh – its OK results in your life.

That is what settling does.

Now I am not saying go out and spend all your money on golf lessons, but don’t stop trying. Never stop dreaming. Don’t stop wanting – DEMANDING more of your life. Don’t stop pushing the limits on yourself and what you can do. Keep moving forward and never stop loving making yourself better.

Never Settle.