Here it is. The sport situation that everyone little boy dreams about at one point in their life. That one at bat.

Game 7 of the world series. Bottom of the ninth. Bases loaded. Down by 1 run. 2 outs. And your name just got called to pinch hit.

This is your one at bat. This is your one chance. You don’t get to have this moment ever again. This is one your moment. What do you do?

One At Bat

One At BatAre you just going to stand up there with your bat on your shoulder and watch 3 pitches go by, to watch the other team celebrate why you drop your head and wander back to the bench? Are you going to spend this moment just watching the opportunity fly by?

Or do you do whatever you can?

Do you swing at anything close? Do you lean in a bit farther hoping to maybe even take one on the elbow? Do you refuse to give in, to give up, to give that last out, with everything you have in you? Are you staring at the opposing pitcher, glaring at them, telling them you are going to be the toughest out they have ever had to deal with. Do you stand up there, and become victorious, or go down swinging like a mad man?

Because after all, you may not get that grand slam. You may not get a hit. Hell, you may not even put the ball in play. But if you try – if you stand in that box and battle knowing that this is the one chance you get in this moment, people are still going to consider that a good at bat, instead of standing with the bat on your shoulder.

One At Bat

Welcome to life, where we all get one at bat.

We all get just one chance, to stand in the batters box of life and decide if we are going to hope to get on base with the bat on our shoulder, or digging our cleats in, and doing whatever it takes to get our foot to first base, or hit that grand slam.

Sure – we may strike out. We may get up to the plate, and spend out entire life trying to put the ball in play, only to walk into the dug out at the end of the at bat.

But keep in mind, no matter the result of the at bat, you are going to walk to that dug out. The end result is the same. It is what you do in that batter’s box that determines your attitude back in the dug out.

Will you drop your head in shame after having the bat on your should, knowing you should have taken at least one swing, but just couldn’t do it, so you spent the entire at bat with the bat on your shoulder watching the pitches fly past you?


Or will you battle every single pitch, and know that even if you strike out, you can still walk to the dug out with your head held high because you had the integrity, work ethic, and drive to at least stand up there and try – take a swing – instead of leaving the bat on your shoulder.

One At BatOr who knows – may you stand in there and get that hit through the 5.5 hole, past the diving short stop that scores 2 and wins the game. Or better yet, maybe you get that perfect pitch, with the perfect swing, and send that ball flying over the left field fence for that grand slam.

But you have to swing the bat. The worst scenario in this one at bat is not taking a swing. Standing, watching, waiting, hoping that by some miracle, you can win this game without taking a swing.

You have to swing.

This is your one life. This is your one shot. The choice is yours. Stand and watch. Or take the swing.

Take the swing.