Life is chaotic. It’s a hustle. In fact, the name of this site – The Fearless Hustle – was created after discussing life and how it is a hustle with a good friend of mine.

Everyone has chaos in their life. We all work, the all stress, we all have families, we all have rent/mortgage, we all need food, we all have fears, we all have doubts, we all have positive things happen to us, we all have negative, we all have losses, we all have love. All these things put together is the chaos of life. And to me – that chaos is beautiful.

imagesLife is beautiful. I am very passionate about people living through the chaos, being fearless, living their dreams and hustling to get everything they want in life. Hence – The Fearless Hustle.

And life is your own personal chaos. What may be chaotic to you, is not chaotic to me, and my chaos is different than your chaos.

But regardless, you have to own your own chaos.

The chaos is in your life is because of you. Your decisions, your actions and your attitude have all led you to exactly where you are today. Although you cannot control some of the external circumstances that happen to you, you can control your reaction and next steps in your life.

I know people that bring more chaos into their life, then complain about the chaos in their life.

If you want less chaos, have less chaos. If you don’t do that, own the chaos you have and stop complaining about it.

Own The Chaos

Perfect example: I recently had someone discover they are having their second child, while their first child is only 6 months old. To me – that is chaos in your life, but the most beautiful kind. The personal was telling me they were “surprised” at this and “wasn’t expecting it”. Then went on to complain a bit more on 2 kids so close together.

Last time I check, there was very specific actions that need to be done in order to make a baby. IF those actions were NOT accomplished and they got pregnant – yes, that warrants a “surprise” and a “not expecting it”. But, if you knowingly knocked boots, without the proper protection, you cannot really be “surprised”. This is a chaos you knowingly brought into the world (and it is the best kind of chaos) so to me, you have absolutely zero room to complain about it.

complainingAnother example: I recently watched a report on the news about people with student loan debt and every single person was complaining about the amount of debt. Last time I checked, this debt is a debt you chose to take on for the investment in your education. A LOAN that you knowingly took and needs to get paid back. No one forced your signature, no forced you to college. It was a choice that you brought that chaos into your life.

If you don’t like the chaos that you bring into your life, don’t bring the chaos into your life. The chaos that is there from your own choices, you need to handle your business and quit whining about it. Complaining about it doesn’t fix it and actually makes it works.

Take away: What do you have in your life that you find yourself complaining about that you brought in on your own decisions? Think about that, now reverse that thinking to take ownership of it. Instead of spending time complaining, how can you own the chaos? What can you do to minimize the chaos and restore balance?