What the heck is wrong with the world we live in today?  I feel helpless sometimes that the world is how it is. But – you need to be the change in the world you want to see, so I see the things that are wrong and try to change them. So here we go….

During an April baseball game of the Yankees vs. Red Sox, bitter rivals in the American League, ESPN cameras caught glimpse of a sleeping fan. Watch the video to see the clip.

As you hear, although the announcers did comment about the sleeping fan, they did not make any over the top rude or defaming remarks, at least in my opinion.

This sleeping fan then hit Major League Baseball, ESPN and the annoucers with a 10 million dollar lawsuit saying the announcers released an “avalanche of disparaging words”. 

Story: http://espn.go.com/new-york/mlb/story/_/id/11190576/sleeping-fan-files-10-million-defamation-lawsuit-espn-announcers

Lawsuit: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/file/sleeping-yankees-fan

Those are the facts. Here is my response to the facts….


What have we done to ourselves in this world? Where did we go wrong? In what sense is it OK to blame someone else, to the point of lying, just to make some money?

are-you-seriousThis is just absurd. If you didn’t read the articles, this fan missed work, feels his whole entire life is ruined because of these 3 minutes on television.

Well – guess you shouldn’t have been sleeping at the game now, huh?

You have to take control of your own life – if you didn’t want people to make fun of you for sleeping at the game, don’t sleep at the game! It is no one’s fault but your own that you fell asleep.

As for the whining and complaining after the fact, it is your reaction to the situation that determines the outcome, that determines who you are as a person. And you, my sleeping baseball fan, reacted with a victim mentality. Do you really think that lying in a lawsuit that is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors is going to make people get on your side and support your worthy cause? That regular ‘ol hard working Americans will look at your story and feel sorry for you, empathize with you, say “Oh – poor guy – he is very deserving of that $10,000,000”.

No, sorry. In fact, it sparked posts like this from me, who are attacking you NOW after the fact. Not because you slept at the game. I saw this game live – I could not have cared less that you were sleeping at the game. The games always poke fun at people at the game. And my initial thought? John Kruk should not be making fun of people the way he looks…

Why am I so worked up about this you ask? You tried to play the pity me card and sue for $10,000,000 because someone called you a name. You claim your life is ruined because of this incident. You stopped going to work. Your mother actually has been covering for you and said you have been traveling because you don’t want to be seen. You sir, are a victim of yourself – victim to you own mindset that thinks the world owes you something for nothing.


keep-calm-and-take-control-5I know I have made quite a bit of assumptions in this post, but I cannot get over the fact that someone’s hurt feelings for their own actions is worth 10 million dollars. In what kind of lazy ass society is this OK?

We are in a changing world; a world where we promote being the victims. I have heard it called the wussification of America, second places gets a trophy, blah blah blah Whatever you call it – it needs to STOP! Because being a victim breeds being a victim. The more we allow acts like this to even hit the court systems, only opens up the flood gates for someone else who wants to sues someone because they looked at them the wrong way in public.

But like victimization breeds victimization, ownership and success breeds ownership and success. We can reverse what is going on in the world, and it starts by taking ownership. Taking ownership of our own lives. Taking ownership of our own actions. Take ownership on how we react to situations that we are placed in, and NOT sticking our heads in the sand and running away.

If this guy saw himself on TV and thought “God – look at me – the announcers are right!” and take action to change himself and whatever negative thoughts he had about this rather than saying “Well I didn’t like that – guess they should pay me money so I can sit around and get even fatter” the world will be a better place. Because once you take control of one area of your life, the rest will follow because of the power that taking ownership has.


This is a bit of a rant – yes – I threw many uneducated, bias, closed minded verbiage into this post, but let’s step back look at the bigger picture we are trying to show…

I have a son coming into the world in a few weeks. His influence in the world is this – this is what he is going to see. People sueing people for stupid reasons. People complaining because they didn’t get the recognition the think they deserve. 2nd place whining because they are not the best, but still think they deserve some sort of recognition.  That it is OK to be fat, lazy, poor, uneducated, underpaid, not like your job, not like your relationships and whatever else because there is always someone else that is causing all of this. It is always on someone else to make sure you have the best life, and if you don’t – well – don’t worry about it –  it’s not your fault…

This is the mindset we are going to. This is where I see people are at in the world and it drives me absolutely bonkers. If you don’t like where you are at – it is your fault. If you don’t like announcers talking about you while you nap during the biggest rivalry game in baseball – your fault. If you are overweight – your fault. If you are lazy – your fault.  If you are uneducated – your fault. If you are underpaid – your fault. If you don’t like your job – your fault. If you don’t have a good relationship with your wife – your fault. Everything you do is directly effect to your reactions to the situations around you. YOU can change it. Lose the weight, work harder, make more money, go back to school, get a different job, buy your wife flowers – there are thousands upon thousands of ways to change your reaction to situations to change your situations. But they all require work, they all require you digging deep and getting to the root of the problem and that is uncomfortable and people don’t like that. They would rather sit in the corner, suck their thumb, cry and sue for ten million dollars.

TAKE AWAY POINT (yes – I have a point to all this bantering…)

Anything you want – anything you want in life you can have when you take ownership of your life. When you take that step back and realize you are at where you are at in this very moment because of you – your decisions, your actions and your reactions to situations. This fan reacted in a way that victimized himself, instead of taking ownership. And no amount of money from this lawsuit will ever fix his mentality.

Take ownership. Grab your life by the balls and steer in the direction that you want.

(Deep breath) Thanks for letting me vent a bit…

Keep Hustling –