I love social media. The power of social media is so insane due to its reach. In seconds, you literally can have pictures, posts, video and status updates reach billions of people world wide. And that freaks some people out. There are some people who don’t want their entire life on the web. And to them, I say it is too late to stop it. It is here. It takes more work trying to keep yourself off of the social web that just to embrace it and be on it. Plus – what are you afraid of?

Stop Being Ashamed Of Who You Are

I always laugh when people show only part of who they are on the web. They honestly think that they can hide all the bad stuff they are doing. They are worried that their mom or their boss with see something they aren’t suppose to see. What are you hiding? What are you ashamed of? This is where I don’t understand people. They want to be on social media, but are scared of what people are going to see. If your mom or boss can’t see it, chances are you probably shouldn’t be doing it. I love living a transparent life. When someone lands on my social media sites, they get an exact snapshot of who I am. Could there be something that someone doesn’t like? I can almost guarantee it. Could there be information in there that people have never known about me before? Most definitely. Could there be information on there that people would be shocked to see? More than likely. You are never ever going to make everyone like you so just stop trying. Your life will be so much better if you just accept who you are and to hell with everyone else. You should embrace who you are. Everything you are. Not just the pieces that you want people to see.

My personal opinion of people who are different on social media than in real life is that they don’t know who they are. They haven’t found themselves enough to truly know who they are as a person, so they have to build this fictitious person online and live in this entirely safe little box because heaven forbid if their friends see that you have this crazy obsession to become a tap dancer. Embrace it. Embrace who you are. Embrace what you do and stop being ashamed. You should put (nearly) full disclosure about your life.