This post is going to be a little bit of a rant. But sometimes, people need to hear the truth in order to get them moving. Be honest with yourself to get results, right?

Stop Faking It

Stop being fake. Stop making excusing. Stop blowing bullsh*t to people. Sadly, we live in a “me too” society where people always feel the need to 1-up people. “I just got a great job.” Me too. “I am going to looking to taking extra classes.” Me too. “I am going to lose 20 lbs”. Me too. Yes, you could want all those things as well but you are selling yourself short by trying to compare yourself to people around you. Live your life for YOU. If you want to lose 20 pounds, go lose 20 pounds for you and your health. Don’t go around telling people you are going to lose the weight, and then not even care. In fact, don’t tell anyone. Just do it. Commit to yourself to make the change. Most people say they are going to commit and then don’t. That, to me, is being fake.

no-excusesAnd for the sake of all humanity, stop with the excuses! Excuses are the worst thing in the world. Excuses are for people to convince themselves why they did, or did not do something. No other reason. They need to give excuses so they can think that there is another reason behind what they did, rather than the real truth. I have heard it SO MANY TIMES! Someone falls off of their diet for a week or 2, gain a few pounds. It is never “I lost my self control and ate like I use to” or “I was just lazy and never got back on the horse”. It is always an excuse like “I had something going on” or “I was just too busy”. Hmm, you were so busy you just worrying about your health and wellness, but you had time to catch Oprah and LOST, as well as make those few Starbuck runs.

Under this rant, there actually is a take away message I want you to grab on to: Whatever you are doing, whether in business, fiances, health, sports, whatever it is, do it for YOU. Be honest with YOU. It has to be what YOU want, not what other people are doing. Find what you want, be honest with yourself, drop the excuses and go make it happen.


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