I came across this killer video of someone talking about success:

The video goes in depth mainly about money. But the main principle of living and breathing your success can be applied to most every aspect of your life. If you want something, I mean really want something, go get it. Most people say they want something, but they really don’t want it. If they wanted it, they would do whatever it takes to get it done. Let’s take weight loss for example. How many people do you know that have tried to lose weight, or said they wanted to lose weight, yet still were the same size? They obviously didn’t want it enough. If they truly wanted it, they would make the time to exercise. They would stick hardcore to their diet. They would lose the weight. Sadly, people think that success is going to come hit them over the head one day. Good luck with that.

You cannot go through life waiting for something to happen. You have to make it happen. If you aren’t happy with your weight, get serious and lose the weight. You can do it, you just need to. The most successful people I know, no matter what you are talking about, take an insane amount of action! The people the lose the most weight are the most hardcore gym rats I have seen. They can’t sleep unless they get their cardio in. The most successful business people I know don’t take no for an answer. Whatever they want, they find a way to get it. If you want results, no matter what you are doing in life, go get results. Don’t settle for anything left. Be that person that people look in awe and wish they could be like. That person who says they are going to do something and executes, without fail. And don’t tell me it isn’t you. Don’t make excuses. Don’t BS yourself. Just figure out what you want and go get it. It truly is that simple!