I don’t review/endorse many products on this site. This site isn’t a site for me to plaster you with ads of some random product because it will make me a buck. That isn’t how I roll. I focus on quality content, giving you information that will help you toward living a healthier, stronger, happier life. The only things I recommend to you are products I use myself, or books and other information that I have read that are a MUST read. Which is why I bring you the review of The Dark Side Of Fat Loss.

The Dark Side Of Fat Loss Review

I always try to keep up with SDSU kines majors and their doings online. Sean Croxton is a fellow Aztec Kines major who is doing some big things. He has a youtube channel that push over 40k subscribers, he has his own online TV show, he has his own radio show, he has a kick ass blog and now he has his own book (if he ever starts coaching other fitness people, I will be the first in line – his stuff is that great).

When he dropped his book, I had to get my hands on a copy in order to see what it is about. The issues that Sean discusses aren’t your typical health and fitness. He always has a little different edge that most. But all of his stuff is always backed by science and is totally legit. His book is no exception to that rule.

Dark Side Of Fat LossThe Dark Side Of Fat Loss is epic. Simply put. I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading, but was blown away by how much content was crammed into this book. He says that his book drops truth bombs – indeed it does! The Dark Side Of Fat Loss goes over everything that one would need to know about in order to start getting their life in order: Hormones, food, your body, stress, sleep, your gut, exercise, and much more. Most health and wellness “gurus” focus on one topic and attempt to write an entire book on a single top. Sean took everything and wrapped it into one amazing book.

But one of the biggest thing that the Dark Side Of Fat Loss has that others fall short: proof. I want you to go to the latest diet book you have and tell me where they PROVE the diet. Where do they scientifically PROVE that what you are reading works? Very few books that I have read actually back up the writing with science. Sean just doesn’t tell you how to be healthy, he proves it. But he presents the information in a way that you can take it, run and be successful.

Now think about this for a minute: This book is 159 pages of well thought out information that has research attached to it. This isn’t something that someone threw together overnight. Reading this, you can literally hear Sean’s passion for the industry come out. No stone was left unturned in this book, which is why I feel obligated to tell you that you need to read it.

I feel the title doesn’t do the book justice. This book isn’t about fat loss. Sure, it explains that by getting healthy you will experience fat loss, as well as give you the game plan to get healthy. But this book is more. It is about getting your life back. It is about digging deep into all aspects of your life, from your stress, to your sleep to your ability to poop, and getting everything back on track in order to live an optimal life. Instead of calling the book “Dark Side Of Fat Loss”, Sean should have called it “read this and save your life”. I guess the Dark Side Of Fat Loss does have a better ring to it. Dark Side Of Fat Loss Review

So go out and get your copy of the Dark Side Of Fat Loss today. Did I mention the free cookbook and nutrition guide you get with the purchase? In case the book wasn’t good enough.

To Your Health,