We have all heard the old adage “the grass is greener on the otherside”. Like most sayings, people say that without ever thinking about what that truly means. I am about to break it down for you…

The grass – The grass is something. Ya like that analogy? The grass could stand for anything here, your health, your weight, your finances, your relationships, you car, your dog – anything you want – something you already that you have.

Greener – means whatever you have – the grass – could be better. Grass is green – everyone knows that. So if you have brown grass, it isn’t good. If you have dirt and call it grass, still not good. So the greener – means that whatever you have – your grass – your something – could be better. It could be greener. You could lose more weight, you could have better health, you could have better finances, you could have better relationships, you could have a better car and dog – your grass could be greener.

On the otherside – means not here. Not in this lifetime. It means that if you really want to find something, you have to go someplace else, you have to try to find a different place to get it down. You have to take a different pill, you have to follow another get rich scheme, you have to another relationship to give you want you want – you won’t find it here – you will find it on the other side.

So in short – the grass is greener on the other side basically means go find a better life some other way.

But here is the thing: Won’t the grass ALWAYS be greener someplace else?

married_greener_grass_750Won’t you always see someone elses’ grass and want it? Won’t you see that someone else used this new amazing weight loss pill now their grass is greener than ever? Won’t you see someone who actually made (or said they made) a few extra bucks a month only working 2 hours a week?

There will always be greener grass. You could be chasing green grass your entire life. Sometimes, you will find out that the grass isn’t green at all – it is only painted green and that paint eventually fades? Or maybe you find that green grass only to forget about it so it yellows, then you go find another patch of grass?

What if you grew your own grass? What if you worked your butt of making sure that your grass was the greenest grass on the market, rather than just getting a new patch of green grass? But more than that – what if you knew that by working hard, you had the piece of mind knowing that regardless of how your grass looks, it is YOUR grass. You busted your grass to get it looking the way it is. You can be proud of your grass, you can show your green grass off to everyone because you are no longer distracted by the other peoples grass. You focus on your grass and ensure that your grass is perfect for you, and you don’t really care how other people’s grass looks, you are very content with your own grass.

Sure – it is very hard to do this. It takes a lot of sweat, a lot of determination and a lot of making small changes to your grass to see big results. And it can be very difficult not to look at others grass, especially when they got the grass so green so easily. But that isn’t your grass. That is their grass. Their grass is perfect for them. Your grass will be perfect for you. With enough dedication and sweat, you can get your grass to where you want it.