I recently took a friend visiting from a different country to Disneyland, the happy place on earth. And I saw something that bugged me to my very core.

While waiting in line for one of the rides, there was a family of 4, all of them – ALL OF THEM – had those electronic scooters putting through the park. The kids couldn’t be more that 15 and 10. All were in the line for those with disabilities to get to the front.

Really? What is that teaching your kids? It is teaching your kids to give up in life.


Giving up is the worst things you can ever teach your kids. Literally, the worst. Giving up sabotages not only their life, but their mental state, making them weak physically and mentally. What kind of message are you sending to your kids when you do something like that?

“Hi honey – you know, if you stay fat rather than fighting it, you get the best treatment. You don’t have to work hard because you’re fat, you get to park closer than everyone else, you get to ride a neat motorized scooter and get at the front of the lines because you are fat. You won’t have any quality of life, people will criticize you, you will have trouble breathing just trying to stand up and you will probably die young, but at least you can be at the front of the line!”

The worst part about this all is that you are teaching your kids to be the victim. You are literally setting the example that your life is tougher than everyone else and you should, figuratively and literally, go to the front of the line. So then they think that no matter where they are in live, they have some sort of entitlement to get something above others because they are the victim.

You are your own victim. Especially when it comes to your health, most of your issues are not only manageable  but REVERSIBLE!!

Think of what kind of power, both physically and mentally, your kids would have if you actually got off your scooter, changed your life and helped them to change their life. They would be able to see the true power in overcoming something in life, and fully grasp that they can do anything with their life!

There is more to life than riding around a scooter and getting to the front of the line at theme park rides. There is a quality that a healthy and strong life brings that is unlike any other feeling you can get. But you have to stop being the victim  You have to stop giving up. And you got to teach your kids that that is NOT the way to go. Stand up, be strong, and battle for everything you want in life.