I recently took a business trip to Kansas City. I walked into a bar, because there is nothing else to do in KC and notice a funny sign on the wall that said “Tomorrow – all beer will be free”.

Get the rub there?

There Is Always Tomorrow

There is always tomorrow. The beer will never be free because each today there is a tomorrow, and we will never get tomorrow because it is always going to be today.

So why the hell do we wait for tomorrow?

Many people put things off until “tomorrow”.

I will start my diet. Tomorrow.

I will work out. Tomorrow.

I will make more money. Tomorrow.

I will call my friend. Tomorrow.

I will change my life. Tomorrow.

There is always tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow. There is no such thing as tomorrow. We will never get tomorrow because we are in TODAY. The only thing we have is TODAY.


Whatever is on your list to do tomorrow, do it today. Because that is what you have is now. We only have today. Make the most of it.