I heard a story the other day from an instructor of mine. We were chatting about the subject of obesity and comfort foods. He informed me that people don’t notice what or how they are eating. They just eat.

ice cream

He told me this story (and let me set up this guy for you: He is an older gentleman, health FANATIC, type 1 diabetic, fit as a fiddle) when he was at a Super Bowl party. He got there and started snacking on chips, then pretzels, then had some pizza (mind you this guy is a health freak, and a diabetic, so he needs to watch what he eats). He capped the night off by having some ice cream. He had his ice cream in a bowl and start chatting with someone, next thing he knows, he looks down and his ice cream was gone. He said out loud “what happen to my ice cream?”. He knows he ate it, but he was not aware of eating it, nor was he aware when he easily snacked on all the great good that usually accompanies a Super Bowl party.

How many times has that happen to you? I know it has happened to me quite a few times. So why did I tell you this story? I want you to know it happens to everyone! And I can sit here all day and try to tell you to be conscious of what you eat, and more B.S., but the reality is things the the above are going to happen. Don’t let it spiral you!

Take a bad day, a bad weekend, a bad week, whatever, put it behind you and keep moving forward! And for crying out loud don’t sit there and tell me you are going to diet around the holidays! Holidays are time to celebrate something. Good people, family, food. Enjoy it! Don’t be that person who doesn’t have a hot dog because they are on a diet (unless you are on special orders from a doctor – always listen to doctors!). Enjoy the holiday – just don’t have the holiday follow you into the next day, or next week.

Think LONG term with your eating habits. Like really long term – the rest of your life long term. You cannot tell me that one family BBQ, or one thanksgiving weekend will destroy your eating habits for the rest of your life.

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