What Is The Fearless Hustle?

When I first started out with a site called NintemanFitness.com, which was going to be the fitness business I created, make a million dollars and retire at 24. But after spending some time in the personal training world after getting my bachelors in Kinesiology, I realized that fitness wasn’t the answer. It actually wasn’t even close. Most people didn’t want to come to me to workout, they wanted to talk about their problems and complain about the world. There was something more…

And I wanted something more, so I enrolled in a masters program for Health Promotions and went the health & wellness route. I changed NintemanFitness to FitBodyMindLIfe.com, which focused more on the whole appoach rather than just fitness. And I still believe that to my core. And wrote about wellness for about a year. But still felt that was just going through the motions.  knew more was out there. There was something more…

And I want something more. I want to give more. I want to contribute more. A site is great. A blog is nice – but YOU need more. I need to give you more. I need to give you ways to motivate yourself to give more, to do more, to work harder, to live the life you always wanted to with no regrets.

I stumbled across the idea of The Fearless Hustle chatting with a friend of mine about life – and how life is a game, a hustle, and the only way to get through is to be brave, run forward and not ever look back.

The Fearless Hustle was born.

The Fearless Hustle is a blog and always will be. I will pour my heart into here to help you get to a better place. But it is now more. I am building a brand. A brand for you. A brand that stands for the hard work you need to put in to get to the next level. To be brave and run toward your goals amidst the yells and pulls of your haters.

The Fearless Hustle is life. Fearlessly working hard until you get what you want.

If you are an elite athlete trying to get to that next level, or an obese dad trying to be there for your kids in the future – The Fearless Hustle is for you.

If you are an executive of a fortune 500 company, a VP of a start up, a director of a small business, or a front line developer – The Fearless Hustle is for you.

If you are a billionaire still wanting more, or you are barely getting by wanting to scratch ahead – The Fearless Hustle is for you.

If you are 65 years old, in retirement looking for your next thrill, or an 18 year old about to branch off to college – The Fearless Hustle is for you.

The Fearless Hustle is for those people who never stop wanting, never stop craving something more – no matter the size. That is who I am building this brand for.

I want to build something that when you see it, when you read it, when you FEEL it, your inspriation and perspiration goes up tenfold and you accomplish everything you want. It reminds you have what you are doing – why you are doing what you do.

I am all in on this one. Will the site change again? I can’t say. But I have been craving this for years – something I can build – something I can scale – and something that I can give back to you. I finally found it.

So click around, read some articles, follow us on facebook or reach out and connect via email and tell me about yourself, and The Fearless Hustle that you are going through on a daily basis.



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