No matter what you say, your life is your fault. You are the only one in control of your life. You may be one of those people who makes a poor attempt to blame your situation on other people.

It’s the fault of your boss.

It’s the fault of your parents.

It’s the fault of your lack of education.

It’s the fault of culture you grew up in.

It’s the fault of someone or something else, other than you.

I don’t care what your reasoning is, how YOU handle all the situations in life dictates who you are and how your life goes. No one else. Not one person can influence your life as much as you. You have no room to complain about ANYTHING because YOU have the ability to change your mindset and change your life.

When Will You Take Ownership?

complainingDo you want to see true results in any aspect of your life? Health, finances, relationships, anything? Stop making excuses. Own your own life and your life will soar whatever direction you want because YOU are in control. Stop blaming McDonalds or your thyroid for your weight problem. Go hit the gym. Stop blaming the economy for your lack of money. Go get a second job or start your own business. Stop blaming relationship issues on the other person. Go show your loved ones what they honestly and truly mean to you. You have the control to dictate how your life ends up, which means you have no room to complain or blame anything or anyone but yourself.

And don’t tell me you can’t do this! I come across people all the time that start bitching and whining to me and I say “it’s your fault – go change it” and they say “It isn’t that easy”. Your mindset controls your life. If you don’t think change is easy or you don’t think you can dictate your own life, you can’t. Your mind is controlling you and it says “I can’t”. So therefore you can’t. But if you start changing your thinking to “I can – I will” and start changing your life, guess what is going to happen? Your life will start changing.

Take Away Message: So stop whining and complaining about whatever situation you are in. You are there because of you. So embrace where you are, or go change it.