Life to me is simple. Go get what you want.

We live in a world filled with fake attempts, lame ass excuses and social permission for success.

You want something, but you don’t want to work for it. You’d rather post on Facebook on how your life is tough so you can’t get what you want. Or send a tweet giving the appearance that you are working toward the goal. Or make some other BS excuses on why you still are living a mediocre life.

Want more money? Go get more money.

Want a better job? Go get a better job.

Want fame? Get fame.

Want an island? Get an island.

Want to be a lawyer – go do that.

Want to be a pro baseball player? Go do that.

Want to be a bum – go do that!

Yes – life is that simple. You will not convince me any different. I will not listen to your excuses because they are just that – excuses.

You can’t excuse your way to success. Yuu have to sweat your way to success. You have to put in more time, more energy, more dedication that you ever have.

“But Zach – it isn’t that easy just to go out and get money so I don’t know what type of dream world you live in”.

This world. I live in the same world you do and yes it is that easy.

You could get a second job. You could work a freelance gig. You could start a side business. You could start a website. You could refinish old furniture on the weekends. You could create custom blankets. You could create your own clothes. You could ask for a raise. You could ask for overtime. You could find a better paying job.

The list goes on and on. And that is just for making money.

Oh – but that takes work and extra time.

Yea – so?

I don’t have the time to do all that.

43755-If-You-Want-It-Work-For-It.-It-Is-That-SimpleAh – I see. Let’s get it straight then. you don’t really want the money, or the better job, or the pro baseball. If you wanted it you would get it, but you make excuses so you don’t want it. You’d rather live a life of false promises to yourself and give others the appears and only thought that you want something more out of life instead of actually living the life you are talking about.

You do have the time. I have yet to meet someone that was all business from dawn to dusk. Yes – we are a society that is extremely busy, but we also are a society with countless hours of TV, facebook posts, tweets, commutes, and other bullshit time wasters. If you want it – you will make it happen. Gary Vanynerchuck puts it best:

“Position yourself to succeed … if you are doing something else and you want to do this thing that you love, you do it after hours. You work 9am to 6pm, you get home, you kiss the dog and you go to town! Start building your equity and your brand and whatever you are trying to accomplish after hours, everybody has time, stop watching fucking Lost!” 

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, the same 7 days a week, and the same 365 days a year. What you choose to do with it is none of my business. But I can tell you this – until you commit yourself to whatever it is that you want – TRULY COMMIT yourself where you are spending the countless hours it takes to be success, I have absolutely zero sympathy for your excuses, or the situations that you are in.

Zero. None. Nada. Nil. Zilch. Not One Bit.

You can stop the excuses and you can change your situations. I did. I know plenty of people who do the same. You know people who do the same and my guess is they are happier and more successful that you.

Live the simple life – whatever you want go get it.

Yes – it is that simple.

Keep Hustling.