GTY_fear_flying_jtm_140724_16x9_992While flying from Spokane to Portland, I was on a little puddle jumper of a plane for the hour flight and a bumpy flight at that. We hit a rather large pack of turbulent air and the guy next to me grabbed onto the arm rest like there was no tomorrow. He had that “if the plan goes down, arm rest please save me!” look in his eyes.

Sorry, but if the plane goes down, grabbing the arm rests will not save you.
To me, that shows regrets. That shows me that there is something in your life that you haven’t done and for the split second you think the plane is going down, you give  a last ditch effort to try to get yourself a few more minutes on the worth to regret what you HAVE NOT done.
We all aren’t going to make it out of life alive. No matter how much of a big shot you are right now, the size of your grave is all the same. Death is inevitable. Instead of letting death scare you, embrace it! People are afraid of death because they are scared of what they are leaving behind. Make sure that you don’t leave anything behind. Sure, you can leave your house behind, your job behind, your “stuff” behind. But don’t leave behind telling your kid “I love you” one more time, or missing that opportunity to see your beautiful wife smile, or that loving embrace from a good friend. Don’t leave behind the things you WISH you said, or WISH you did, or WISH you saw. Go do them. Live a life to where you don’t give yourself any reason to regret dying. Live every single day to the maximum knowing you are doing every single that you want. You have no regrets.Grabbing the arm rests will not save you. Stop  grabbing the arm rests and start living with no regrets.