Yes – your read that right. This post is how to be an underachiever. And I know what you are thinking: Why should I be an underachiever?

Simple: Are you really an overachiever?

Think about this for a second. How many times to you set a goal and completely crush it? Be honest with yourself (no one will know your answer). When was the last time you honestly destroyed something you set out to do? My guess is it has probably been awhile, if at all. Most people are lucky just to hit the goal, much less over achieve it.

So underachieve it.

I don’t mean low ball yourself. I mean set lower expectations. Let’s take weight loss as a great example. Most people set out to want to lose a whole bunch of weight. New years comes along and Joe says he is going to lose 100 lbs next year. 365 days later, Joe is attempting to make the same resolution. Now, what happen if Joe said 10lbs? Or even 5 lbs. Do you think he would hit that? You bet.

People sometimes set too high of expectations for what they are currently capable of. When they don’t hit their expectations, they get discouraged, and most just end up quitting. Quitting will NEVER take you to where you want to go. And of course, standing still will never take you anywhere either. Start small. Find a goal you just know you will absolutely crush. Go crush it, then move up. Tell yourself you are going to lose just 5 lb. Once you hit that, lose another. Then another. Then another. And before you know you, you turned your underachieving goal into an overachieving goal.

Another example I will use is a personal example from me. When I first started in a few online ventures, I had big dreams to make 2k a week. 2k a week is 104,000 a year. Yeah – I like the sound of that! If I write an ebook and sell it for $20, I only need to sell 100 ebooks to make 2k. Easy.Ha ha – yeah right. I didn’t a dime. Literally not 10 cents.

I didn’t quit though. Quitting won’t get me where I want to go. I set my goals lower. I want to make $10 a week. That’s it. So I wrote an ebook and sold it for $9.95 and only want to sell one to make my $10. I sold 3 my first week. And although I am still a ways off from that infamous 2k mark, hitting that $10 mark and surpassing it consistently allowed me to move to $20, then $30, then $40, and I am now on a quest to make $50 a week. Still a far cry from my 2k, but I was able to set a goal, and crush it, and continue to move forward. Continuous tweaking, tuning and adjusting and I will get there. It maybe a while, but I will be there.

So if you are struggling to hit your goals, become an underachiever. Set a low goal and go crush it. Then once you hit it, adjust and move forward. You will start seeing success come your way.