I heard something interesting today that got me thinking. I overheard someone talking about the weather in Las Vegas. In the summer time, it can get extremely hot in Vegas if you have never been. However, if you grew up there, like the gal did I was listening to, the weather just becomes something to deal with and doesn’t seem as hot as the tourists make it out to be. In the same manner, a Las Vegas girl can move to Tahoe and absolutely freeze in the winter because she isn’t use to the weather, where a Tahoe local will run around in a pair of shorts.

Half Empty Or Half Full

You have heard the saying if the glass is half full or half empty. It depends on how you look at it. Just like the weather, one person can see a situation as a blessing, and one can see it as a curse. Case in point: The best time in my life was the worst thing that ever happen to me. Most will say it was a horrible incident. For me, it saved my life.

Lance Armstrong has a quote that says “I changed from good and bad days to good and great days”. This quote is from his experience with his cancer battle. But when I read this, I couldn’t help but think how much better life would be if people stopped living half glass empty and starting living great days. How any times have you asked someone how they are doing, only to get a big say and “Oh, just OK”. Just ok? You are living, breathing, and have an ability to comprehend. Why aren’t you amazing? Why isn’t this the best day of your life so far? If you aren’t living every day where you can look back and say “Man, that was the great day I ever had”, change your thinking. Start living every day as if it were the best day ever. Once you can fully get into this mindset, I can nearly guarantee you that you will start seeing positive things happen in your life.