Life is one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Sometimes, we are ticking slowly up a hill to be dropped at rapid speeds, we take turns way to fast, we go up and down, fast and slow, and sometimes we are upside down. But at the end of it, the point is to be thrilled, regardless of how scared we were during the ride.

Recently for me, my roller coaster was on a hair pin turn at max speed, the kind where you need to hold on as tight as you can until you come out of it and it slows up again. But – like every hair pin max speed turn on the roller coaster of life, it does slow down.

10373663_10204657104934159_7998494778387684046_nOn August 5th 2014 at 3:09a, my wife and I welcomed our first born son Mason into our family. We are thrilled beyond belief that we are parents and are loving every second of it.

But everything was put on a halt – and was actually put at the back of the list, hence the no posting, no updates, nothing on this site for close to a month.

But things are final getting back to normal. I am back to writing, I have 2 new designs about to drop in the store, and much more in the queue to get up and going.

In honor of my first born, I thought my first post back would be dedicated to him.

We live in an informational world. We have things thrown at us at remarkable speeds. I recently took a step back, looked at everything I have at my finger tips – all the motivational posts, things I have learned, articles I have read, tips from friends and family, and careful went through them and made a list of things that I want to teach my son.

Some of these are just my personal beliefs. Some I read online. Others from what I learned from my father, and a few other places. No rhyme or reason to these – just a straight list of things I want my son to learn and to know as he grows:

Rules for My Son

  • No one ever drowns in their own sweat. Work hard – all the time – on everything you do. Sports, school work, chores. Give it 100% every single time.
  • Stand up when you shake someone’s hand.
  • When grandma asks if you are hungry the answer is always yes. Take a seat and say thank you.
  • Say Thank You.
  • Read.
  • Learn.
  • Spend more time on the dance floor than the bar at weddings.
  • Get what you want in life – don’t let anyone else dictate your life. From women to burgers to cars, its your choice.
  • Take ownership of your life. It is your life, so what happens is your fault. Deal with it.
  • When taking a photo, assume the only people that will be seeing it are Mom and Dad, grandma, your boss and your dean of admissions. Your middle finger should never EVER appear in a photo.
  • Never cheat. Not on exams, crossword puzzles, sporting events or significant others.
  • Keep your eye on the ball and follow through. Sports and life.
  • When you get married, you are marrying into the entire family. Ask your mom about this one…
  • You are never to old, to cool, to manly, your friends are watching or any other reason to give you dad a hug and a kiss.
  • Take care of your momma.
  • Win.
  • There is nothing in the world worth starting a fight for, but plenty of things worth fighting for.
  • Always be PRO something, never ANTI something.
  • Never be afraid to be the best looking person in the room – you never know who will be watching you.
  • You are what you do – not what you say.
  • You are always good enough to ask out the best looking girl in the room – but know she may not be the best girl in the room.
  • Nice guys don’t finish last. Boring guys do.
  • Go outside. Sunshine and fresh air cure more than you think.
  • The best things in life leave you sweaty with your heart racing.
  • Being uncomfortable, scared and nervous isn’t always a bad thing. Put yourself out there.
  • Listen very carefully to grandpa – you will learn more from him than any other source if you pay attention. I know I have…
  • You are the average of the 5 people you associate yourself with. Think carefully of who you allow in your circle.
  • The “rules” in life are not fair. Accept what you are dealt and continue to move forward.
  • Whatever you do in life, whatever you go through, there is never ever any reason to quit anything. EVER. Never Quit.

What rules would you add to this list?