If you want something in your life, you need to take control of your life and go get what you want. But there is a different between getting what you want through hard work, and asking for and expecting a hand out. 

Late in 2013, fast food workers went  on strike because they want a raise. They want to go from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour. One news story interviewed someone who has worked as a cashier for a major chain and he said that his current wage cannot support his lifestyle. He knows how much money goes through the cash register each day and he knows they can afford a price hike.


Look – wanting more in your life is fine. It is actually is outstanding to want more. But demanding a raise, and providing no real value for that raise, and basing your raise capacity simply on the fact is you know how much money goes into your cash draw is a little nuts. AND THEN – to stop working when you didn’t get your way?? That’s not how to do it.

angry-men-smoke-earsIf I walked into the office of my boss and demanded a 106% raise, I would be laughed at. And then – if I said “well I am not going to work then if you don’t give it to me” I would be fired on the spot. I personally completely understand the fact of wanting more in life. But to simply demand it, without any basis or value added, asking for the hand out – EXPECTING the hand out, then saying if you don’t get your way you are walking out and not working? PLEASE – get real, get working then get results. This bugs me in so many ways it isn’t even funny. My mind is literally starting to smoke…

You Change You

If you can’t afford your lifestyle on what you make, change your lifestyle or change your job. Yes – life is that simple. Walking out of your job, demanding raises and going on the news may be flashy, but it doesn’t do a damn thing to change any of your situation. You want to change your situation? Change your situation. Live on less if you need more money. Or how about you go work some place else? You are not stuck in your current position forever, so don’t act like it. No one is telling you that you HAVE to work where you work. Or that you HAVE to stay there. That is totally your decision. Grabbing a sign and walking around isn’t going to put money in the bank. Better yourself – the system doesn’t care.


Whoever you work for, you are trading money for your value. The company views your work worth a certain dollar amount and that is what they pay you. Want more money? Add more value. Demanding money does not add an ounce of value. It actually probably discredits your value. Find ways to become more valuable to the company is the best way to get leverage for more money. It is nobody’s responsibility except for you on how much your value is. If you don’t think you are valued – go someplace else. If you don’t like your work, go someplace else. To stay and complain and wish for an extra buck isn’t the way to do. Remember – everyone has a different sense of values. If you don’t think that the company you are with values what you do, go find a company that views value the same as you and your value instantly goes up.

Stop Expecting Handouts

Put in the work. I guarantee you – I GUARANTEE YOU – if you are willing to put in the work, contribute more in your life, and add the value, the money will follow. Getting caught in this victim mentality that you for some reason deserve or are entitled to more money simply because you know the money is there doesn’t warrant money in my mind. Yes – the easy way is to complain. The hard way is to work harder. WORK HARDER. The harder you work – the more you can control your own destiny.

Read for yourself and make your own decision: