There is a little 4 letter word that people use in the wrong way and it is one of my biggest pet peeves. People throw the word around without truly thinking of the meaning. In my opinion, you should completely remove this little 4 letter word out of your vocabulary before you start using it in the wrong way.

There is no reason to have the word CAN’T in your vocabulary. CAN’T is short for CANNOT. Think about the times when you use the word CAN’T.

the worst 4 letter word“I CAN’T run 2 miles”.

“I CAN’T hike that mountain”.

“I CAN’T lose the weight”

I can’t do this. I can’t do that. It is all complete BS. CAN’T means cannot. You CAN do all that stuff and MORE! But the reality of it is that you WON’T. You will not even try! If you are going to cop out of something, at least be truthful with yourself and everyone else and tell them that you are not really even willing to give it a try. Tell them you WON’T try the task at hand. Yes, that will show everyone you are afraid to try and that you really do not want to succeed, but at least you are being truthful right?

Want another option? DO IT. When someone challenges you at something, or you are faced with something that you think you CANNOT do, try it. Do it. Succeed. What do you have to lose? Honestly, what do you have to lose by trying it?  Maybe you won’t succeed at doing it. Did you fail? NO. You created an outcome. Adjust your next try based on your outcome until you succeed. Plus, who is going to tell you that you failed at trying? The true failure in life is the failure of not trying.

I know that most people have the word “CAN’T” so heavily built within their vocabulary that not saying the word is difficult. But, like the overall message in this post, try it. Become conscious of what you are saying and every time you say “CAN’T”, ask yourself this question: “Can I really not do this? Or am I just not willing to try?”. More than likely, you aren’t really to try. So then change it and either say “Sorry, I am not willing to try” or say “Let’s do it!”. It is up to you.