F*ck you excuses.

Like – for real you. what are you hiding behind? Why can’t you do that / be that / see that / live that life?

If someone out there is living that life that you see – you can.



Why can’t you?

When you ask the question why you can’t, everything out of your mouth is a bullsh*t excuse.

I am too young. I am too old. i am too strong. I am too weak. I am too white. I am not white enough. I am male. I am female. I am tall. I am short. I am fit. I am out of weight. I am republican. I am democrat. I am to this. I am too that.

All excuses. All reasons you fake in your head to validate why you don’t have the mental fortitude. You make yourself feel better by validating your weakness to the world. You curl back up into your little tiny safe fetal position and continue to go along your pathetic little life without making waves because of your excuses. See how far that gets you. See how much change you make then. And sorry, changing your facebook profile picture doesn’t make the change you think it does.

What if you can? What if you do? What if you see it? What if you be it? What if you live it? How does your life change? How does your mind change? How do you see the world differently?

Success breeds success. Once you realize you are powerful beyond measure, you continue to push yourself. You get stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger. More success leads to more success to more success. Money leads to money. Fitness leads to fitness. It is all a cycle.

The opposite is true. Weakness leads to weakness. Being comfortable leads to being comfortable. Being poor leads to being poor. Being fat leads to being fat.

It’s your choice. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will keep getting the results you have.

Or try. Do. Be. See. Live. CAN.


Can you do it on your first attempt? Or day 1? Or your first try? No – but you can do. Don’t quit, don’t give up, and just do it.


Just Do It.

Just be it. Just decide what you want – decide who the f*ck you want be. Go do that. DO THAT.

It’s that simple. Don’t hesitate. Don’t care what other people think. Don’t pull back in fear. Know that in your heart mind and soul this is what you want. And go do that.

Don’t fill in the gaps of your life with needless bullsh*t that you think other people or even yourself want to see in your life. What sets your soul on fire? What do you stay up till 4a with your best friends talking about? What is that thing that turns you on when you hear it?

Go do that. GO DO THAT.

Maybe you can’t do that right now. I get it. I have 2 small boys, car payments, a mortgage, student loans. It’s irresponsible to ditch it all and go do that.

But here I am, 930p on a friday night, doing that. Doing what sets my soul on fire, which is making you realize you are not weak. You are meant for more. You are the story in your head that your wrote – and YOU can write a new one! You are a human being in the year 2017 – you can literally do or see or learn anything with the click of a mouse of the swipe of a finger. And you still want to sit there on your ass and tell me that you can’t?

F*CK your can’t. F*ck your gonna. F*ck your someday. F*ck your excuses. F*ck that 1000 reasons you tell yoruself in the your head why your life will never be more that it should. I can. You just have to do it.

Do it now.

Life is too f*cking short to wait. I know someone who’s father just passed away. His father was 93 years old when he died. Want to know his life advice?

Enjoy life because it is too short.

93 years old. And he said life is short.

You’re next. Sorry to say – death is coming for you. You will not out fight death. It will be here. And probably before you know.

Be ready. When death comes, let it. Know in your heart and soul that you lived. You didn’t waste time watching TV, or faking a specific lifestyle, or trying to be so different you actually are like everyone else, or try hard to play the victim card, or tell stories in your head that you are doing OK when the story in your heart is a blank page ready to be written.

Don’t waste your time. Don’t wait. Let your soul lead you.

Go do that. Go do that now.

Right now.


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