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Never Settle

never settle

I see it all to often. People who just accept where they are at in life. They get the family, the mortgage, the mid-level executive job, and they go through the motions everyday of just being there, doing it, and just getting by. The settle for where they are at. The realize that obtaining anything more […]

Focus On Youself

I am very passionate about living a successful life, whatever that means to you. Success is different to different people, but everyone agrees that success is a place you want to get to. A success life is a life you a proud of. A life you are content with. A life where when you are […]

Metric Driven Life

I hate to beat a dead horse as I have talked about this already here, but I just cannot stand the way people set “resolutions”. It makes me think we live in a weak society that throws random, arbitrary goals out into the world and the world goes “ooooo….ahhhhh” and NOTHING HAPPENS. It’s like making a […]