Law of AttractionIt’s no secret that The Secret changed my life. Way back when that book was first released, I saw an Oprah episode on the book and how people where getting whatever they wanted out of their life because of that book. Years later, I realize that book is pretty far out there in the concepts, but the main subject of what you think about dictates your life is the truest topic I have ever read about. This post is about Law of Attraction and how you can use it to push your life forward.

There are more books out there on the subject of your thoughts control your life and better ones that The Secret. And this topic is one of them most powerful theories I have ever put into practice in my own personal life.

What goes into your mind comes out in your life. If you don’t think this is true, you are missing a HUGE chance in your life to complete gain whatever it is that you want. Your thoughts, the thoughts that you think on a daily basis are ultimately the actions that dictate your life. It is so important that I am going to give it it’s own line:

Law of Attraction

Now, there is a lot of misconceptions about this theory and the Law of Attraction and how you can manifest things into your life. There is always that smart ass that says something to the effect of….

“Well my aunt’s cousin’s sister’s dog died. Did she manifest that?

Or my favorite…

I have been thinking of a million dollars for my whole life and I don’t have it yet.

That isn’t what the Law of Attraction is, even though that is what The Secret preaches, which is one of the many reasons that book isn’t a good one to base this theory on, although it is a great starting point.

Law of AttractionThe Law Of Attraction isn’t thinking that you are going to make a million dollars and one day magically have a bag of cash appear on your front door. It is a theory on making sure your thoughts and actions are million dollar actions. You can’t have minimum wage actions thinking that you will make a million dollars. If you want to make a million dollars you need to make million dollar actions. The only way you will ever make million dollar actions if the thoughts going through your head are million dollar actions thoughts.

Once I read The Secret and other books on this subject I really started monitoring the thoughts that go into my mind. When you want something, you need to work to get it. But you have to know what you want, and you have to be willing to go get it. The thought of making a million dollars is fine, but if your thoughts are minimum wage thoughts, you will never have a million dollars.

That is what the Law Of Attraction really is. When you want something, you feel like you have. You can feel the lifestyle. You start acting like you already have the thing that you want. Your thoughts then change your actions. Your actions then change your input. Your new input then changes your new output and VOILA – you get what you want.

Yes, it really is that easy to live the life that you want but you have got to watching your thoughts. Your thoughts are the single most important thing that controls your life because your thoughts control you. But the great news is that you can control your thoughts so you can change them if you don’t like them.

What Goes Into Your Mind Comes Out In Your Life

Law of AttractionJack Canfield tells a story about the Law Of Attraction in his own life. He made a goal to sell some ungodly amount of his books that he had. He didn’t know how, but he started putting the right thoughts into his head. He say a magazine and made a connection there, and from there, it spiraled to make him the success that he is today. Did he actually manifest the success? No – but he did put the thoughts in his mind to make the success possible. If he wanted to sell those books then went and played Call of Duty for 3 hours a day, ya think he would be where he is at now?

Here is some examples in my own life:

I first got started on the Law of Attraction back in 2005. Down on my luck, searching for answers I found the Secret. My life has never been the same.

In 2011, I started a new job. Like anything and everything new, change wasn’t the easiest. New people to get use to, new line of work, new commute when I had none before, a lot was changing. Instead of looking forward and accepting the change as something great, I got stressed out. Just a little bit at first. But over the next year, my stress out and chaotic thoughts seemed to spiral my life and felt I had a completely off year. About 10 months later, I started having full blow anxiety attacks driving home from the office. I never changed my stressful mind and my life just got more and more stressful. I changed departments to something that created less stress and literally instantly, my life turned around. My thoughts changed from stressful to positive and fruitful and my life soared.

In 2013, my life was still cruising along and was the best it has ever been. Then, one harsh August day, my mindset instantly switch to negative and turned my life right around again. My wife and I had a miscarriage with our first pregnancy. More than anything else that has ever happen to me in my life, this one hurt the worst. The next 3 months of my life was hell, all because my thoughts were negative and hateful and they were reflecting in my life. I left as if things where falling around me. I missed a promotion at work, my wife missed a job opportunity due to a “HR error”, I had the worst stretch of business travel I ever had with an array of missed and cancelled flight, even had to cancel a weekend to get away with my wife because I got stuck in a city. It took a mentor of mind to shake me loose and put my life back into perspective to shake me loose before it started even getting better. My thoughts switch, and again – literally instantly – my life turned around and started climbing again.

Did I manifest a stressful job? Did I manifest anxiety attacks? Did I manifest a miscarriage? Did I manifest cancelled flights?


Did my thoughts control my life so my negative mindset made these problems even larger in my life then they are, causing me to spiral further and cause more negative thoughts?


You don’t actually manifest anything in your life. Your thoughts dictate your actions and your actions cause things in your life. It is your actions that physically bring stuff in and out of your life. But it is your THOUGHTS that dictate your actions. If I was in a different mindset and my flight got cancelled, I could brush it off and say “oh well, chance to see a new town” instead of thinking the world is conspiring to make my life worse.

You Cannot Have A Million Dollar Life With A Minimum Wage Attitude

That is what the Law Of Attraction is really about. Your thoughts will control your life. If you want a million dollars, you need to change your thoughts to million dollar thoughts. You need to have positive thoughts all the time in order to have a positive life. You can’t think your life will be everything you dreamed about if you walk around pissed off that you don’t have everthing you dreamed about.

Control your thoughts, control your life.