You are in control of your life. No one else. You are the one that makes things happen, or not happen in your life.

Leaving things up to chance and simply accepting whatever comes your way is a cop-out. It is giving up. It is saying to the world “I know I can control this, but it is too hard. I may get let down, so whatever happens, I will accept”.

That is the worst mentality that you can take.

Yes – there are things out of your control. I learned that the hard way in 2013. You cannot control every single aspect of your life. The world will have its way. And sometimes you do have to accept that of which is out of your control.

But the things you can control you need to be relentless on. The things you can control you can work to get. And if you don’t get the first time, go after it again and again and again until you get it. DON’T EVER STOP.

That is how you get the life you dream about – you go out and get what you want. You don’t let things you can control get played by chance. You don’t just accept whatever comes your way that is in your control. You stand up tall, scream to the world “NO – THAT ISN’T WHAT I WANT’ and go get what you want.

Jobs. School. Money. Love. Pizza. Hamburgers. Cars.

It doesn’t matter what you are going after, if something is in your control – if you can get what you want in life – go get it. Let the world do the things it does out of your control and just accept those. But every single thing in your life that you have the power to control – CONTROL IT!

Accepting is giving up. Letting life happen when you can control it is giving up. And giving up is a sure fire way to live a life full of regrets.