Desire is a strong emotion. Probably one of the strongest in my opinion. The power of desire can do many things in your life.

Everything you do starts with desire. Before you do anything in your life, you have to have the desire to do so. If you don’t have the desire, even the faintest, you won’t do it.

When you start a new gym routine, you have the desire to get in shape, lose weight, look better, whatever that desire is.

Most of us lose that desire at some point and stop going to the gym – but it started with desire.

The bigger the desire – the bigger of that internal burning feel-it-in-your-gut sensation you can create, the less likely you are to have the desire fade away.

Life to me is simple; What do you want? Go get it.

This idea has yet to fail me. I have either achieved, received, or in the process of obtaining, everything I have ever wanted.

That isn’t to impress you – but impress upon you that this works. And why wouldn’t it?

When you desire something that you want, and you work until you get it – literally not stopping until you get it – you will have it.

The Power Of Desire

Where people go wrong is they lose that desire. Their desire isn’t great enough to overcome the bullsh*t that we all have going on in our life. The desire to go to the gym quickly fades after a few weeks of a full time job, plus kids, plus family time, etc – our desire for the gym quickly fades as our time commitment and motivation quickly take a back seat.

But then there are those people who have such a burning desire they get the results. Those almost chronically obsessed individuals that stop at nothing to get their goals. And sometime, that desire is forced on them. Like when a doctor says lose weight or you are going to die. The desire to live – not work out – is what drives the result. And the desire to live has to be one of the greatest, most emotional desires that you can have.

And that is how a desire keeps alive. It’s the emotion. It’s feeling it with everything you have, that there is no doubt in your mind that you will achieve. You have to achieve. There is just no other option for you.

That is what enables you to do big things. A mediocre desire to lose weight, or make the money need to live a great lifestyle, or to grow your relationship, or to get a raise, or anything else – will result in mediocre results in your life.

But a great desire will produce great results.

And here is another beautiful thing when it comes to desire: You can desire anything, anytime. This isn’t limited to just one thing, or once in your life.

The world has anything and everything you desire. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

Desire something. Get so emotionally attached to that desire that there is no way you are going to let the desire to obtain it fade. Then go get it. Don’t stop till you achieve it. It will happen – let nature take its course, and go get everything you want to go get.

Desire it. Make it happen.